Truck Directions

Please Be Advised !

Do not use Whispering Road to access Gieseke Road as some GPS Systems are advising!  

This is an unmarked, two lane road that ends in someone’s yard with NO TURN AROUND!

Any damages to homeowner’s property will be billed to the trucking company!

All Trucks Must Have Pick Up Numbers for Verification.

All Pick Up Numbers will be verified and drivers will be directed to the proper loading spot.

Directions to the Gieseke Plant

From the intersection of US Route 15 and US Route 60: 

  • Travel US Route 15 South approximately 3 miles. 
  • Turn Left on Gieseke Road (State Route 788).
  • Travel one half mile. 
  • Go through orange gate on the right.  
  • Central Shipping and Receiving (Scale House) is approximately one mile beyond the gate.

Directions to the Mullite Plant

 From the intersection of US Route 15 and US Route 60: 

  • Travel North on US Route 15 approximately 3 miles and turn left onto State Route 631. 
  • You will immediately cross railroad tracks.
  • Immediately after crossing the railroad tracks Turn Left ! into the drive that serves Buffalo Wood Products.  
  • There is a sign that reads “MULLITE”.
  • Follow the arrow to our loading dock.