Virginia Kyanite™ is an industrial mineral concentrate that contains 56-61% alumina by weight. Kyanite is sold in granular or powder form and can be shipped in a variety of grain sizes, ranging from 35 mesh (425 microns) material to 325 mesh (45 microns).


Virginia Kyanite™ is converted to mullite by calcining it in excess of 1450°C in a rotary kiln. The resulting product, called Virginia Mullite™, contains about 80% mullite, 11% finely dispersed amorphous silica, 7% quartz, and less than 1% cristobalite. Virginia Mullite is different in particle shape and impurities than mullite formed by calcining clay minerals. Virginia mullite contains 56-61% alumina.


A byproduct of our refinement process.


A byproduct of our refinement process.

Sold Dry in Bag or Wet.